Advocate Good Shepherd Hosp

  • 450 W IL Route 22, Barrington, IL, United States 60010
  • 1030 employees
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Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital offers a range of health care services. The hospital provides a variety of diagnostic imaging services, such as X-ray, ultrasound, MRI, mammography and nuclear medicine. Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital offers treatment for patients who suffer from cancer. The hospital has an emergency department that is spread over an area of more than 30,000 square feet. Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital has a fitness and wellness center that features whirlpools, steam rooms and toiletries. The hospital also handles various women s health-related issues, such as pregnancy, child birth and ovary cancer. Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital provides cardiology, laboratory and rehabilitative services. The hospital is a part of Advocate Health Care.


  • Karen Lambert - President
  • Sue Abderholden - Vice President
  • Marianne D Araujo - Vice President
  • Colette Fraterrigo - Vice President
  • Trent Gordon - Vice President
  • Amy Logue - Vice President

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  • Feb-62


  • Feb-62


  • 596104


  • 806906

    Cancer Treatment Centers


450 W IL Route 22, Barrington, IL, United States 60010

ZIP4 Code: 1999