Advocate IL Masonic Med Ctr

  • 836 W Wellington Ave, Chicago, IL, United States 60657
  • 2214 employees
  • Founded 1901

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Incorporated in 1995, Advocate Health Care is a fully integrated nonprofit health care delivery system in metropolitan Chicago and is recognized as one of the top 10 systems in the country. Advocate has eight hospitals with 3,500 beds and the state’s largest privately held full-service home health care company among its more than 200 sites of care. It has more than 4,600 affiliated physicians, including almost 2,000 in physician hospital organizations and about 475 in three large medical groups. Advocate’s primary academic and teaching affiliation is with the University of Illinois at Chicago Health Sciences Center. In 1995, Evangelical Health Systems Corporation and Lutheran General Health System, two faith-based organizations, joined together to create Advocate Health Care.


  • Susan Nordstrom - President
  • Jim Skogsberg - President
  • Katie Bata - Vice President
  • Delois Brown Daniels - Vice President
  • Jack Gilbert - Vice President
  • Donna King - Vice President

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836 W Wellington Ave, Chicago, IL, United States 60657

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